I need help!!
I have this computer that I have had for a long time now that worked perfectly until now I unplugged the computer ( relocating it to a different room) and when I got to the new room it wasn't working anymore I would press the power button and nothing but then I realized that there is a green flashing light on my power supply that keeps on flashing so I took it to my school to ask a friend to look at it I left it there for a while. Recently I wanted to try to see what was going on with it so a friend of mine opened the computer looked around, cleaned up a little bit and put the power cord to the computer and the flashing light was on but not flashing anymore and the computer turned on. Here is the weird part I took it back home and plug it in again and it had the same problem as before so I have no idea what's going on now. If someone knows how to fix this problem it would mean a lot to me