My prob started 4 months the tooth next to the upper left molar. I would get a sharp pain when I bit down on the back part of the tooth. No other part of the tooth hurt to bite on and it only hurt when I bit not when I released so it was when pressure was applied. I have a crown on the tooth but no root canal at the time. My dentist took an x-ray and said it looked fine and sent me home with an antibiotic. A week later the prob was the same but not any worse I just couldn't bite on the tooth. He referred me to an endodontist who concluded that he couldn't find any reason for a root canal maybe I was having an issue with my gums to see a periodontist. So I did and he said that he also couldn't see anything wrong but my gums were slightly swollen that he would do a scaling on the gums around the tooth and a slight adj in my bite so that I wasn't triggering the tooth. Three apt later and he filed my teeth and my gums haven't been right since. The original prob was still there only now my gums were inflammed swollen and bleeding and wouldn't reattach to the tooth. He refers me to another endodontist who decides to do a root canal. Once he was in my roots he said that they were extremely inflammed but not infected but he couldn't finish the root canal because I was in too much pain I could feel the procedure so he packed two of the four canals with a steroid and gave me an oral steroid. By the 3rd day I was in so much pain I couldn't take it he finished the root canal and said that the 2 canals were still very inflammed but that he cleared all 4 canals completely. Due to insurance reasons he couldn't fill my tooth he put in a temp and said to go to my dentist. Well I still couldn't bite on the tooth any part of the tooth but the pounding had subsided. My dentist wouldn't fill the tooth because he said my gums were to inflammed and swollen so he put me on prevident after the 2nd time of use my tooth was throbbing so bad I couldn't sleep and the tooth cannot even be brushed up against with my toungue or the side of my cheek it hurts so bad. So I am now being sent to another periodonist for my gums which are a prob now but the original prob is still there only worse. My questions are these. I have been asking them to take my crown off and make sure there isn't something that is not showing up on an x-ray but no one wants to do that why? Could I have a crack or a fracture that isn't showing up on an x-ray?? I also suggested just pulling the tooth but they said the tooth behind in (molar) has a large filling and the tooth on the other side has a crown so they are not stable so I would need a bridge or a spacer possibly a partial if all three teeth ended up being affected. Can I just get it pulled? I am only 30 yrs old and these three teeth are the only ones that have any probs. I have used every vacation day from work and I am receiving bills from all the offices that are piling up. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated I am becoming depressed about the situation and I am in pain so much I don't know what to do.
Thank you so much for your time