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    Tooth crown repair

    Asked Aug 25, 2007, 03:00 PM 2 Answers
    This is a molar and became loose and was crunched while eating... chipped off some of the porcelain. It does not hurt at all and want to ship of to an expert for replacing or repairing the missing or chipped porcelain on it... is this possible?
    I do not have money at this time and it is very irritating being rough. It fits well and does not come off often and I do realize that I will need to have it professionally re-seated, or is there a product over the counter that would be suitable for this as a temporary measure. I just can't handle the fees involved with a dentist to do it, not to mention thhe visit alone (who says you need a new one at the cost of 900-1,000 if I were lucky).
    It appears that the old dentists have retired and sold to the upcoming a thriving practice who doubled rates to the point of obnoxious, which a lot of us just can't find the money for not to mention that they no longer take payments, nor are they as good at what they are supposed to do... nor do they seem to care.
    I have one experience where this scenario of my dentist after 15 yrs retired and sold, the new one was insensitive with no chairside manner or personality. I believe this is the crown I contracted him to do. Anyway, it came off twice, the third replacemennt his assistant put it back in and spilt the purple glue stuff all over the right side of my mouth (and I mean all over tongue and alllllll.) My mouth peeled for 2weeks and he would not claim any fault, discount the bill, nor would he compensate me in any way for the torture incurred, it was really awful (it's like super glue). I promptly removed myself from his care... and noticed a couple years later he was selling again...
    To fix this crown seems like a simple procedure and the post is sound and produces no pain at all, if I am wrong please explain, also suggest any possible avenues I could pursue, to lengthen its use at this point.


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    2 Answers
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    Aug 26, 2007, 05:42 PM
    Why not just have a dentist polish the porcelain for you so that it isn't rough to your tongue? There's probably no need to replace the crown until you can afford to have it done by a more qualified dentist.
    I'd be asking friends, family, neighbours and colleagues who they see for their dental work. The best advertising is word of mouth.
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    Sep 9, 2007, 10:49 PM
    If this is the crown and the crown is completely off your tooth then you need to go to a dentist previous or new. You can not add porcelain to porcelain you need a new crown that is what is going to solve your problem I'm a dental assistant for 15 years and I know my stuff

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