I need an answer quickly. I have scheduled appt. for 8a.m. tomarrow. I had my wisdom teeth extracted, no problems. Five years later my top upper left back tooth broke. Went to dentist grinded tooth etc. put on crown. Pain so back to dentist sent for root canal on both upper left back teeth. Recommended another crown I could not afford already paid for 2 root canals and 1 crown. 3 months later tooth without crown broke to save money I decided to have it pulled. Oral surgeon pulled tooth and I ended up with a sinus perforation. I wasn't told this happened. I found this out when rinsing my mouth and water poured out my nose. Had that repaired. Pain, pain, pain! That was in September. Now less than a year later my crown is cracked in my remaining tooth on upper left top. What do I do? Shouldn't he replace my crown for free? Should I have tooth extracted and be done with it? I am scared to death to have it pulled given my previous expierience. I am also worried about cost of crown. Will it just crack again? Is it worth it? I am at a loss and feel these people only want my money and trust me they already have plenty of it