The crown on my front tooth fell out a few months ago. I went to a dentist who glued it back in but told me he wasn't sure how long it would hold. Then I went to another one who gave me a root-cut because he said it was a little infected.
Now I'm always paranoid that it will fall out and sometimes it feels loose, but I'm not sure if its my imagination. The problem is that an implant would be so expensive. I never had a post put in, so I'm wondering if that would be the next option? I definitely don't want a bridge, because it will damage my teeth.
Are there certain cases when the core-build-up is not done and they go straight for the implant. I know the tooth underneath was a little fractured and it was broken pretty close to the gumline.
Also I live in Germany, but will visit my mom in the US next month, so does anyone think it's a good idea for them to just yank the crown out and take care of there, where its a lot cheaper? ( I'm only visiting for two weeks though, but could possibly go back after 6 months) I just hate not knowing when it will fall out again and that I might not be able to afford an implant in Germany.

Thanks for any help :)