I had 6 crowns made for my top teeth in order to correct some spacing issues. This has been a very slow process. I had temporaries made twice to get the length and everything just right. And, I had a heck of a time with those temporaries. Keeping them in place was a nightmare! When I returned for the permanent crowns, the dentist insisted on temporarily cementing them to be sure I liked them. While I really didn't want have to deal with the temporary issue again, I went along with what the dentist suggested. He told me to come back in two weeks. Shortly before I was due to go back and have them permanently cemented, I awoke to find that one of the front crowns was gone! I never did find it. So, I went back and the dentist took another impression and sent the impression for the lost tooth to the lab to be fabricated. I went back to the dentist yesterday to get the new crown. It is not the same as the previous crown. When I got home, I noticed it was shorter than the previous crown and shorter than the crown on my other front tooth which they had made for me. Also, there is more spacing between the front teeth now. I went back today and discussed this issue with the dentist. He tells me that the reason for the difference is because when they are making the crown separately, it is impossible to get it fitted as well. Additionally, since the new crown was too short, my dentist just ground down the other crown to match. I didn't want my crowns shorter. That's why we did the temporaries a couple times. I wanted to get the length right. He keeps telling me that the spacing looks right. The teeth are now not flush up against one another. And, to add insult to injury, his dental assistant charged me separately $140.00 to seat this new crown. I had already paid for these crowns including seating them. The lost crown had not been permanently seated and I would have assumed I wouldn't be double charged for cementing the same crown (especially since the old one was never seated).

Am I wrong to insist that the replacement crown was not made right? It wasn't even the right length. Do I have a right to tell the dentist that if the lab didn't make the tooth the same as the previous crown, then they need to remake it until they get it right?:(