I have a sharp pain in upper gum area above the tooth that was recently root canaled. The pain is always present when pressure is applied to that gum area or on the area between the lip and nose when pressed against the gum area. I have had 2 rounds of anti-biotics. I have had 3 sets of x-rays in a month's time. The dentist says the areas all look normal. He suggests that there is a sinus problem going on. I have never had any pain there like that before having the root canal. I have had sinus problems associated with allergies all my life, however. During the third visit, which was supposed to be the day I got the tooth capped, I began having a sharp shooting pain from the gum area described above going up under or into the nasal area. The dentist stopped what he was doing and put in another filling and decided to wait another 2 weeks to have it capped off. Now I still have pain and after all the antibiotics are done I have gotten no relief. I am terrified to have the tooth finished for fear the pain will remain or get worse. I wish I knew what was causing it and what to do about it.