On Feb 24 I had two teeth on the lower right side preped for a bridge. The teeth were prepared and temporary crowns put on. I had pain durng the freezing and needed extra to copletly stop an pain during treatment. Once the freezing came out I was in such pain I went to a pharmacy and got tylenol. The pain would not stop and I noticed a bump on the gum behind the last tooth on lower right... the one he had worked on. It is extremely painful. I went to dentist today March 1 and he said that food had probably gotten under the temp crown and he would flush the area as there was probably some bacteria causing the pain. I told him the pain started before I had eaten anything. The stuff he used was the most horrible tasting stuff and some ran down my throat and burned! He took an x-ray and said the tooth looked fine, just rince with salt water or with the stuff he prescribed. If I don't take the tylenol regularly the pain is unbearable, it woke me tonight and that is why I ended up on this web site. I am afraid of the possibilites after reading some of the stories of dental pain never going away. What am I dealing with?