I had gone to the dentist for doing crown on 36th tooth. He took the x-ray and told me that there is cavity in tooth number 37 and so it is better to do root canal for the 37th tooth and thereafter do crown job for both teeth numbers 36 and 37. He said that there will be pain for about 2 days and to meet him after a week. But the pain persisted for more than 2 days and there was also a slight bad smell. After I met my dentist, he once again drilled tooth number 37 and again prescribed pain killers and asked me to consume pain killer medicine for 2 days. Now it is the 3rd day. I get terrible pain, if by mistake, I chew even soft foods like banana. In the night also I get terrible pain if I grind the tooth in deep sleep. Terrible pain means that I virtually see stars. The pain is there even though I take powerful pain killers.