I had crown lengtheining done about 4 1/2 weeks ago. It was a difficult recovery but the doc said that it was healing well. I went Thursday to have the new crown put on and the Doc had difficulty getting the old crown off. Once completed, she felt that the gums were still too "unhealed and wet" and fitted me with a temp. (I was pretty angry about this since I felt 4 1/2 weeks was too little time to be healed, and when I told them this at scheduling, they assured me that it would be fine). :mad:

I was fine the first day or so and then last night I had excrutiating pain. I took the narcotic leftover from the surgery and it did not help. I added ibuprofin and was able to sleep for 7 or so hours. I woke up in horrible pain, just about 1/2 hour ago. :(

Could something be wrong or is this fairly normal? I was not told that I would have this kind of pain. I am seriously thinking of calling the office. Any comments? Thank you!