Over a month ago I had my old porcelain crowns removed (four upper front teeth) since they were too bulky and the two center ones were very wide. This time I wanted to get 6 porcelain crowns and two bridges (all upper teeth). I explained to my new dentist what kind of shape I would like for my new crowns, emailed her photos as examples and asked MANY TIMES for the WHITEST color on the market! The crowns were ready two weeks later but unfortunately they were not white enough (B0) because she felt in her judgment that it was the most natural color and the teeth were too short! (I was very specific with the color and asked many times to make them longer with many pics as examples). The dentist told me there was no problem to do it over (whiter & 2mm longer as I requested) so I waited two more weeks. In the mean time my gums were allergic to the temporary teeth therefore they very sore, swollen, bluish-red and often bled. I came back to the dentist office yesterday and she wanted to numb me right away and check the new crowns. My mouth and lips were so swollen after the injections that it was hard to tell whether I really liked the teeth or not. She also had to cut the gums around one tooth since they were lower on the tooth as opposed to the others. After a few hours and the swelling having subsided, I was able to exactly see the crowns and take photos. I think they are still too squareish and the bottom of the four front teeth should be more rounded. They have too much texture and one of them looks a little bit crooked (hard to see in the photos). I see that they do NOT look like the ones from the photos I sent to the dentist. She told me that they are 2mm longer than the ones she had for me the first time but I truly doubt this is true since if the ones I have were 2 mm shorter they would have looked ridiculous the first time around! I was told the color code is 00 (double zero) and it's the whitest color on the market although my old crowns were whiter?! I have another appointment for the bridges but I want to be honest and tell the dentist I do not like my new teeth and I am not happy. I am not a person who likes to complain but I am really unhappy. Please advise... And thank you so much for any help!

Picture of teeth I like: rounder & longer