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    Jul 31, 2018, 02:43 PM
    Molar Root Canal missed the canal, filled material in outside my tooth
    I recently had a root canal in a molar (left bottom). My general dentist didn't refer me out to an endo but rather did it himself. On the third appointment, he had issues with one of the three canals, referred to calcification so he couldn't complete that canal. I went back and after an excruciating appointment which resulted in a week of pain, I finally went on to appointment number 5 for sealing. AT that time, the same canal he didn't fill because it was bleeding. Waited another month, went back and he completed that, and filled with a temporary. After three months, it was still causing me issues and he said it likely wouldn't heal. He indicated it was probably "stripped" which happens. His recommendation for follow up was a root extraction. I went for a second opinion and found out he missed the entire canal and ended up filling a canal outside my tooth. The Endo recommended rather than "heroics" which he referred to the root extraction, that I cut my losses and have an implant put in. His opinion is it's provides the highest success rate. I am likely going that route, but am looking to understand if this was negligence, accident, etc. Should I expect to get what I paid for the root canal refunded, and, does he have any financial responsibility for the implant? He's willing to do the work, but I'm not comfortable with him any longer and want to go elsewhere. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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