I am convinced I have tongue Cancer.

About 4 months ago I went to the dentist and he hit my tongue with the drill. Shortly after that I noticed a lump on the left side of my tongue. I have been to two different doctors for a total of three times. Two of the times it was with a Cancer Specailist for the ear nose and throat and one time with a regular ENT Doctor. The Cancer Specialist both times called it a Benign Neoplasm of the tongue unspecified and the other doctor called it Glisostis. Both indicating in was not cancer but rather trauma to my tongue, which has caused this. Neither doctor felt the need to do a biopsy.The bump is not to big, but it looks like it is growing and changes Colors a little bit. I also have a white spot on the same side of the tongue about an inch back from the lump. It looks like a Canker sore and My Doctor the Cancer specialist says it is from my teeth rubbing on my tongue. Neither the lump or the white spot is causing any pain.

Here is my question. Both Doctors only looked at my tongue very briefly. I would say less that a minute each time. Neither doctor did any biopsy's or felt the need to give me any medication, they dismissed the bump and sore very fast. I am really not a big fan of getting a tongue biopsy I heard it hurts. But the internet indicates a lump on a tongue or a canker sore that won't go away can be Cancer. I am very scarred it is and I am worried that the doctors were too quick to dismiss my tongue.

If there are any doctors reading this, I am very scarred. I am an 40 year old male type 2 diabetic, I do not drink or smoke. Do you see a lot of benign cases like this? It does not seem the doctors are worried, but should I be worried that this can turn into Cancer? Or should I just assume this all did happen because the Denstist hit me with a drill on the same side of the tongue of where the lump and white spot is?

Thank you