Hi there, I had my wisdom teeth extracted in london uk, ten days ago and after the second day the pain started escalating on the keft side,both teeth were impacted this one had not fully erupted. I had a lot of swelling like a chipmunk whiCh subsided on the seventh day and have a yellow bruise along jaw on my left side.

I was given five day antibios containing penicillin and also a vatiety of pain killers I followed instructions kept mouth clean, I can't see any bone that's exposed or any discoloration the area is pink no odour or bad taste

I feel like someone is drumming my ear and temple area, my left jaw and front teeth cause s harp pain in buests I am taking monondol 1000 mg three times, was also taking codeine 30 grams and some sodium tabs

Is this normal? Jaw and chin and lip are sore and numb on the left, right side is perfect juat the left is throbbing with bursts of pain I cannot sleep or go to work ten days at home miserable, My own dentist said it all looks normal today he got a hit worried when I phoned him but heisnot anexpert and suggested going to hospital, the surgeon who performed my surhery bluntly refused that he actually operated me when I called him today! Which I find compeltely weird, anyway that's anoather story

I amreallly worried any feedback or similar experience??
I will whole heartdly appreciate your reply,

Many thanks in advance hope you felt better!