I have recently (over the last year) been grinding my teeth in my sleep and it has resulted in my jaw popping a lot. My dentist tells me I need to wear a mouth guard, which I have been doing. In the morning, when I take the mouth guard out, my jaw alignment is way off. My bite doesn't allow my molars to meet for the first several minutes (up to 30 min.) after I wake up. My dentist's solution is to meet with him for a series of appointments (very brief... 10-15 min) and he is "filing" my teeth in certain areas to correct the bite so that the teeth meet properly when the jaw is realigned (after wearing the mouth guard). He sees me 1st thing in the morning, so he sees my jaw in this post-mouthguard position when my molars don't come together. Sounds complicated I know... so I'm not sure if I've described this properly. Bottom line... this seems to me like an odd thing to do to make this correction. Does this make sense as a proper way to treat this? Thank you!