Here's the situation. I am a 21-year-old girl with no insurance whatsoever, and no income, either.
I have a wisdom tooth which came in (a little sideways, pointing outwards, digging slightly into the bone back there, and I did nothing about it. Something, I can't remember what, broke it slightly. No big deal, except it was sharper, and a bit more irritating. More and more, very small pieces kept coming off at different times. The pieces, I notice, are often partially dark, like they're decayed. Now, there is between a third and a half of my tooth missing, I think (can only tell by feel, can't see that far back). The middle of what is exposed has a small piece which I wonder if may be covering the nerve, I don't know... but there has been no pain yet.
The thing is, I can't afford getting worked on... so what I want to know is what I can expect, and if there's anything I can do to slow the obvious deterioration of this tooth. What I suspect is once the nerve is exposed, I will be in severe pain... Which I quite honestly don't look forward to.
Any help?