Hi everyone,
This question is a 2 part-er...
My boyfriend was complaining about gum pain and so he removed his oral piercing and shortly after I started getting gum pain. First question, is it possible he gave me some sort of gum disease by kissing? I didn't have any symptoms until a couple weeks after he started complaining.
I changed toothbrushes, increased flossing and rinsing my mouth but sadly, my gums continue to bleed and are very painful and I fear gum disease.
I don't have insurance so I made an appointment as soon as I could, but it is a month away at the only place I can afford to go to.
My gums are driving me crazy with the pain, I tried orajel but I am using it nearly once an hour! Is there anything else I can do for the pain to tide me over until my appointment?
Thanks for your help!