PLEASE HELP! I'm trying to get pregnant and want my teeth better soon. Tooth #19 (bottom left molar) had a root canal about 8 months ago. I had a permanent filling in it until recently when my insurance would cover a crown. (tooth had no cracks and had a narrow root canals so OK to wait) I had no pain until the day I received the temporary crown 5 weeks ago. My dentist said because of the tooth location the crown would be deeper in my gums and have more irritation for a little while. Even after getting the permanent crown 4 weeks ago I couldn't chew on the tooth without pain until last week. Last week I had to have a root canal for #18 next to it. The endodontist did an x-ray of #19 and said there was no failed root canal and that I just had a lot of inflammation and to give it 2 weeks and call him if it didn't get better because it may be a periodontal issue. The last week I finally had almost no pain unless I pressed hard on the tooth with my finger. I did wake up today though clenching my teeth and not have more pain with biting down or tapping the side of the tooth with my nail. I've had my teeth filed twice to take it out of occlusion but I'm wondering if there is still more occlusion, or if I need antibiotics, or if I have a bad crown, or if just time will make it go away. Any advice greatly appreciated as I am trying to get pregnant and want to take care of this ASAP!