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    Sep 19, 2004, 11:21 PM
    Need dentures?
    I am just starting with a new dentist after about 7 years of not seeing one.
    I have always had bad teeth and dental problems. The situation now is -
    On the top, I have 3 missing teeth, one tooth half-missing (fillings fell out and it is barely there), three loose teeth due to possible gum disease.
    I must admit that some of the problems are my fault due to not visiting the dentist for so many years, but I was taking care of my Alzheimers mom for a few years and ended up cancelling appointments, etc. until I just stopped making any.

    My new dentist tells me that I am a "challenge" - which I take to mean - "my teeth are a mess"!
    He tells me that there is no quick process - first the gums, then possible root canals, fillings, extractions, then a bridge.
    For some reason, I'm thinking that with my luck, I'll spend several thousand on this only to be hit by a bus the day after the work is complete!

    I don't have dental insurance, so cost is a factor, as is quality results.
    Finally - the question - does it make any sense to just have the top teeth extracted and get a denture?
    I'm in my 50's, if that matters at all. One drawback I have is that I am thinking that having a removable bridge or
    Denture will make me feel really old - and I don't need any help pushing me in that direction. I looked
    Into implants, but the cost makes it prohibitive to me, I think (about $2000 per tooth +).

    Any suggestions on how to keep the cost lower, possible solutions, etc. - greatly appreciated!

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