I was told be a periodontist that I needed crown lengthening to save my molar.

This is a $1400 procedure.

Has anyone ever had this done? Also do you still need to get a root canal once the crown lengthening is performed or do you just go back for the crown?

Because $1400 is a lot of money and I don't want to pay extra for a root canal on top of this procedure, then another $800-$1000 for a crown.

Second part:

I was told by this periodontist that this procedure is a 50/50 and that they may not be able to save the tooth but no sure way to tell unless they start cutting away at the tooth, but in fact may need to be extracted. I asked him if it has to be extracted is it going to still cost $1400 and he said yes. The reason was even if he starts a procedure and can't finish it and has to extract it, he still started the crown lengthening and therfore I will still be charged the $1400 procedure fee.

This kind of seems unfair, why shouldn't I just pay $300 to have it extracted, when he;s not even sure if he can start and finish the crown lengthening?


Would it be more econoical to have the crwon lengthening done, then place a crown on it after VS. tooth extraction, then an implant...

Any answer would help.