I recently had my the top and bottom wisdom teeth extracted one the left side of my mouth and a couple hours after, I decided to change the piece of gauze I was told to clamp down on, so I slowly pulled out the gauze pad and when I looked I saw what looked like blood clot, maybe 1/3 of a pea size of dark black jelly stuff. I didn't know what to do so I called and they said changing the gauze every hour is okay. 2 hours and the clot dislodged, I haven't eaten or pulled on a straw or smoked I just commuted home and it just came out with the gauze pad.
I'm hoping I'm right, can another blood clot form if a clamp down on some gauze for a few hours?
I read it takes 3 days for dry socket pain to kick in but by then it'll be the weekend so can I ask my dentist to take a look and pack the hole tomorrow without looking high maintenance?
I didn't smoke the day of and don't plan to unless this things has healed but I read it puts me at a higher risk, what should I do, will I get dry socket?