Last week, I chipped a tooth on the right side when shewing a mint. The weekend I was eating and that same tooth cracked and broke off a piece of the tooth. I am in no pain on that side but because I was afraid to eat on that right side, I began eating on the left side. Since I am not used to eating on the left side, my gums have become sore and achy. I am currently using ambesol for the pain and using Orajel Mouth Wash to rinse with, since it is said that it helps in promoting healing and such. I am also taking Advil for the soreness and achy/pain. I do have an appointment set up this Friday for a dentist, but not sure what is going to happen because I will be a new patient and have not been to a dentist in a long time. What else can be done to elevate the achy/pain that I am currently feeling? And what can be eaten since I have that broke tooth on side and achy, swollen sore gums on the other side. I just need some help until I see the Dentist.