I went to my dentist to have a root canal done... and one of the canals on the tooth being worked on was really slanted or curved. The dentist's drill bit broke off inside the canal and now I have to go to a specialist to have the root canal finished.
My questions are|: How do they get the bit out? And what if something happens and the tooth breaks. I have already had the crown made. But I still have the temp on. Should I have to pay my dentist for his portion of the root canal? I know I will have to pay for the Endodonists bill. But is the dentist somewhat responsible for this bill as well, and is it appropriate to ask him to help pay for it? The dentists quote for the root canal was 720.00, the specialists bill will be 830.00. I don't think I should have to pay for both do you? My dentist did get one of the canal cleaned out, and the endodonist said there was no discount due to some of the root canal already being done.