I have notice for about a week that my back wisdom tooth has been giving off this awful smell. I have never had the best dental hygiene up until about a year ago. I at least try to brush once a day, I often forget first thing in the morning. The tooth has obviously started rotting, both of my upper wisdom teeth have. The right one has not given me a problem, despite everything, but the left one has become quite odorous. Tonight while I was in the shower I was searching for a possible cause, poking around and what not (I know it isn't the best idea, but I was curious). I had found a bubble of some sort on my gums, just below where the tooth meets in the far back. I poked it, I guess, a little too hard and it started to bleed, for about five minutes I was spitting small amounts of blood. After I kept gauze on it to keep the blood from going on my tongue, the taste makes me sick, and I noticed the smell actually was going away with each clean pad I used. I have this super fear of dentists and doctors, not quite sure why, with that and a combination of no insurance, I was trying to find out if it was severe enough to actually have to see a dentist. I have no pain at all, just a foul foul oder that won't go away.