Hi I need advice on a matter. Been dating a guy itís only been a week and we have been talking everyday before that. He is sweet and affectionate. But He told me he is divorced it been 4 years. When I inquired about his ex wife and what the problem was? He told me that she was the problem (didnít give more details)in the relationship and about how the arguing and bickering became unbarrable. So he filed for divorce after 6 ish years of marriage. Off course there are two children. He doesnít see them often he says and pays for alimony. Describe how he has been hurt and is still healing from his broken heart. Said if I wanted to know more his family could answer few of my questions because they know what happened. Tried to help in mending their marriage. He said he worked so hard on his side to make things work but she wasnít willing to do anything so he ended it.

Now this is new to me, my gut feeling tells me something is off with this guy. But at the same time, I am an empath and I feel like I should try to get some more info before making a decision of moving on and letting this guy slide.

Any wise advice would be appreciated to help me take a decision.