Hi there evrybody. I'm NEED of some HELP! I've currently been dating my girlfriend for 9months already. We have had awesome times together. But recently she shows no affection towards whatsoever, you expect your girlfriend to be excited to see you.but in my case there is no excitement whatsoever and it hurts me to see that, she also mentioned to me that she loves me but isn't in love with me as I am with her. I don't understand this ? I asked what could possible be the problem that is not allowing her to fall and love with me I asked several questions,which are are you talking to someone else,are you afraid to love ,have you forgotten how to love, are you losing interest in, she replied by saying no to all of they above I don't understand what she is thinking she says she doesn't know why she can't fall in live with. I'm so confused and I'm hurting what should I do ? I'm 22 and she's 25, could that be a problem,or age is just a number?