Hey guys so very quickly here, I just came out of an 8 year relationship, and in the process I met this girl that I really liked from my youth. She lives in a different country but was home for xmas. After she left I asked her not to contact me, but she persisted. I met her when she was home again, and we had an amazing night, there was no sexual contact but a lot of touching and eye staring. Anyway I broke up with my girl and this other girl kept texting me, we would have spoke for maybe 4 hrs a day on IM. So she finally tells me she has feelings for me and I told her that I liked her too. One drunken night she fones me saying that it is doing her head in big time, all the I'm and texts because its not enough and she likes me too much. I assured her that I genuienly liked her, and that she wasn't just a distraction from my ex. The next day after this she tells me that she wants to chill because it is frustrating her and also says that she wants to meet when she is next home. I said cool that I understand the frustration. Now she has basically pretty much stopped contacting me, I have sent a few texts but they are quite cold replies if at all. Where did I go wrong here? I'm not a clingy person, but the fact that its this particular girl is killing me, anyone else and I wouldn't give a hoot. Is she playing a protection game or telling me to **** off? Any advice