A few weeks ago, an ex's friend (an ex neither us speak to anymore for very good reasons) had contacted me. He expressed his interest in me and wanting to see me, and I agreed. We both said we were single. This is the first time we spoke in about a year.

We continued to talk and planned on going out, until about a week ago. That's when he stopped contacting me, and ignored a couple of texts I sent him about meeting up.

As of two nights ago, his status on Facebook and myspace went from "single" to "in a relationship".

I know I was being blown off because of whatever situation he has going on. I don't know if this was a recent thing/ he got back together with an ex/ or was never single to begin with.

I have a few questions:

Why would he contact me and attempt anything in the first place? Why waste my time?

After he switched his status, I sent him a text saying "blowing me off was unnecessary, you could of just been honest about what was going on," and left it at that. Should I have said anything?

There is an event in about a month that we will both be at. He doesn't know I'll be there. What should I do and what should I say?

I'm very much moving on, but seeing each other next month is inevitable.

Thanks so much!