Everything in my life seems to be falling into place except for one thing, a meaningful relationship with a quality woman. I'm 27 with a great job and good money and am totally self-sufficient. I've got diverse interests and I'm not complacent. I'm tall, reasonably good-looking, in great shape and I dress stylishly.

I've got no problem meeting and making friends with women and I'm totally self-confident and I know who I am. Yet, most of the women I meet are more interested in if I have some sort of "dangerous" element to me (sleeve tattoo, motorcycle, hot sports car) and they spend most the time we're together preoccupied with their phones.

Of the few relationships I've been in I usually wind up getting dumped. It begins to chip away at my self-confidence when I see myself struggling yet all my friends seem to find someone new within a week or two and there's nothing "dangerous" about them, either.

I've tried all that online pick-up stuff and it usually only leads to cheap one-night stands with women I'd rather not spend much time with.

Each morning I wake up feeling like I could take on the world and as they day wears on I get this nagging feeling that maybe I'm just not THAT likeable; a great friend... and that's it. I really think there's just something missing that I'm not aware of.