Ok wow where do I start. There's a new guy at our scool named Dylan. Super cute, super funny, you know. Well, my best friend went out with him. Their relationship ended Friday, and then Dylan asked me out Monday. So far so good.
Until Cheyenne [his ex girlfriend/my best friend] jacked up a little... If you are aware of these cell phone forwards that have a picture of the person that sent it to you and it has "RATE ME A. Hot B. Ugly C. Ok" etc...
Well, she sent one of those to him. And he replied with "HOT" and all the other positive ones. Cheyenne told me. There is also another form of these "RATE ME" forwards and instead it is "What do you think of this person! Let them know!" That Cheyenne sent to Dylan and Dylan replied with exactly: "U look like an angel"
So now I'm pissed. I text him and ask him about it and he admitted it. Then I asked if he liked her, he said "IDK :'(" I took that as a yes. So I'm sitting on my bed heartbroken and then Cheyenne calls me and is like "I'm so sorry" and all that. Then I noticed... She did not send those forwards to ME...
Dylan said he was just being nice. That's what he always says when this kind of stuff happens. But he already pretty much told me he liked her, so I took it as flirting. And Cheyenne took it as flirting as well.
This continued to happen and it ended up with my heart broken 8 times. And with 8 heartbreaks, y'know, hanging in the relationship... I just wanted to break up with him and get it over with.
Now, this is when school was out. So there wasn't a way to break up with him in person... so I had to break up with him by text. Right when I'm about to break up with him, my EnV2's screen goes black. It didn't go dead the screen just... went black. O_o
I wasn't going to break up with him exactly, I was going to ask him if he wanted to because of all the stuff that's happened. I also told him once that he either suck it up and forget about HER or suck it up and forget about ME. And he chose to forget about her and he failed to do so because he continued to flirt.
I called Cheyenne with my mom's phone and told her about my desicion(sp?). But then, she told me OTHER stuff that he said... Now I was SURE that I was going to break up with him. Because now that was 11 heartbreaks.
Cheyenne told him that I said it's over, he called me... And I told him that my phone got messed up and that's why I couldn't tell him. I also told him about the things Cheyenne told me, and he said that wasn't true. Eventually after an hour, we made up and are now dating again.
A few days later I asked Cheyenne if he has flirted. She said no, and I asked if he has txted her. Again she said no. I asked if she txted him, she said no. And I asked if she sent those forwards, she said no.

And that's what's happened so far. I really can't trust him, because every time he texts her or she texts him, he ends up flirting. Everyone says I should break up with him; this is much easier said than done. He says he loves me and that he doesn't like her anymore [Actually, he said that a long time ago that he didn't like her but he flirted with her anyway]. We're only in middle school so I could live without a boyfriend anyway. My mom and my grandmother say I should blame Cheyenne, and not him. And to tell Cheyenne to back off. Cheyenne says he doesn't like him. My mom and my grandmother also say that Cheyenne wants me to break up with him and is trying to get me to. From MY veiw, she wants HIM to break up with me and leave me for her. But they're pretty much the same points, right?
I like this boy, but I'm afraid I don't love him and now I am willing to break up with him.
Cheyenne has also been clinging to me since 5th grade [We are now in 6th] and will simply not let go. She is by my side 24/7 and I have another best friend that isn't as clingy and likes Dylan but doesn't really want to go out with him.

You don't have to read this, but I think it might help:
There was another boy that I dated 3 times. The 1st time he was cheating on me with Cheyenne. The 2nd time as well. And the 3rd time he was trying to get her to date him.
I don't talk to him anymore.