Hi. I'm a 29 year old female in a relationship with an amazing man (33 yrs old). We've been together for two years. The first few months of our relationship were good--no jealousy. Well, there was, but I was able to control it. However, it's gotten worse. I started seeing a therapist, and I got a little better with controlling it; however, we would go through cycles. I'd be good and then bad, but really bad! I get jealous of little things like girls on TV, on the street, in bars, etc. I'm able to tell myself, "He'll forget about her in 2 minutes--once we're or she is gone, the commercial ends, the movie ends... In other words, they're just objects to him, nothing else. I'm the real deal. This way of thinking upsets him because he swears that since the moment he fell in love with me, no other woman does it for him anymore. He claims to not find them attractive at all. I find this very hard to believe, and my gut tells me he's lying, but that really pisses him off. So now I'm at the point of leaving him because I can't take this insecurity anymore! However, it'll break his heart; he's madly in love with me. But I just feel like there are other girls out there better suited for him. He doesn't think so, but I do, and that's what makes me insecure and jealous. Should I leave him? I know I'll be throwing away happiness, my love, and the most perfect mate I've ever had, but I can't go on like this anymore. I'm fine when I'm single! Again, should I leave him? I've tried to separate before, but he wouldn't have it.