I met a man on-line. He pursued me relentlessly via texts, e-mails, calls and asking me out. I told him I wanted to go slow. He said he usually moves fast when he meets someone he really likes. He told me that he wants to see where this is going to go because he thinks I'm too good to be true and he really likes me a lot. I let my guard down one night (two weeks ago) and we got a little hot and heavy. It seemed nice and we were making progress. He even projected about me meeting his friends, family, etc. and asked me to stay over (which I did not do).

Since then, he texts me, but he stopped e-mails and calls once in a while. He never wants to see me on the weekends ~ he always makes plans, but he'll see me during the week for a few hours after work. He'll always text "Good Morning" "How are you" and "Sweet Dreams". What gives?? I can't figure this guy out. I'm meeting him tonight (Thursday) because again he made plans for the weekend without me(friends are staying from Florida). I was so frustrated the other night that I went on line (dating site where I met him) and he was on-line.? I feel like I'm being played but there were absolutely no red flags when I met him. He's a grounded gentleman with a good job.

Any advice?