So I've been seeing my girlfriend for about a year. At first it was great, then about six months into it her attitude started changing. A few weeks later I found out she was on drugs (meth), we got into a huge fight and told her it was over. She gave me a few bruises and started to cut herself on her wrist but just enough to draw blood. She told me she used to have a drug prob. I told I wasn't having that in my life and she promised never to do it again so I forgave her. Two days later she was back on them, we had a fight she said it was a relapse and it won't happen again. Two weeks later she got arrested for shoplifting (she blamed her friend and she was an accomplice) and I found her pipe in her bags when she was still in jail. I broke up with her but took her back after she said she changed when I left her. Since then I think she really quit. A few months later I found out she had lied about receiving some money, small amounts less than fifty, from her parents several times (she never worked and lived off me the whole time) to buy drugs (just weed she says but I think she did meth once). I told her it was over. A few more bruises for me and some more cuts on her wirst. For two weeks she kept calling and texting me. I told her one more chance but after a week I told her I didn't feel the same about her and couldn't do it anymore and didn't see her for a week. She swears she loves me and has really changed, no more drugs and now has a decent job. She says she wiould do anything to be with me again. In between our fights I would fall for her all over again and I do miss her. Even as I write this I know it sounds crazy but part of me wants to believe her but I don't know if I can trust her again after all the times she has broken it. What should I do?