Rough outline, Me (30), her below 30 but over 26 lol, me divorced twice, single parent. Both of us full time students and met in school in the beginning of the year. Flirted like crazy the both of us. Summer came no time, neither her or I because of work. End of August started to go out with her, picked up after work got right into it. School started, we got very close, hugged kissed and if there would have been more time had sex with each other. My child loves her from the very first day that they met. She likes my child, everything looks like to be working for us. After two week of trusting kissing, and whatever, she tells me that she had let it go to far and we need to study and stop the rest. OK why not, made sense to me, not my first choice ;) but OK. I even had stopped smoking for her after 16 years of it. Felt pretty good, one day I had the strong urge to smoke one. Well I did, she saw it and flipped out, I dove off to calm down and not say anything I would regret and got my child. We talked about it the next day and OK. While she flipped, she said that we are technical not even dating.. . Got me thinking.. . Well it went downhill from there. She started to text a lot via cell, lots of calls, lots of mysteries, whatever. Comes to find out, she is in her 9th week from her ex. Now I am totally lost. When I see her I see the woman of my dreams in front of me. But now that?? She is not sure if she is going to keep it or not. As of right now she is back with her ex walking in some sort of wonderland. They had been together for 7 years and on and off about 4 times after the main break up. Looks to me like she wants to try to get him for life with the force of the child. But I could be wrong. However, the crazy thing really is, that I do love her, I never felt for any other woman like that. I never thought that I would say this ever again, but I thought about it before she told me with her ex, but I could Imagen her for the rest of my life and get married to her. That's how crazy in love I am with her. I think I would be able to let it go with her ex if nothing ever happens again. Now the question and yes I must be crazy, what would you do? How would you be around her? As of right now I see her everyday in school and my house, nothing happens between us (even though I wish lol) she is very nice to me as I am to her. As I said, I still want to be with her and more that just friends. She know how I feel about her. But how to go ahead for the next two or three weeks?? No idea, feels like I could kill her ex but yet would not help it at all. ;)
Anyone, no need to point out how crazy I must be but I would sure like some advice. Thank you so much