So this guy first asked me to go over to his place for a first date to watch some movies. Then he asks me if I'm the type of girl who kisses on a first date and I said "it would depend" and he ended up not kissing me. That night was cool and he kept texting me everyday after that night until we went to a rave together and I ended up having sex with him the second time I saw him. After that he still kept texting everyday and arranged to meet again just to hang-out and stuff. On our third meet, we just stayed at his place with his friends and watched TV. We made out but I wasn't in the mood for sex so I told him I didn't want to fool around. He took me home and still kept texting me until we saw each other again 3 days later. He picked me up from home and we went to his to have sex for a bit but I had training so I had to cut it short. Then he drove me to training and kissed me goodbye. He texted me after my training a couple of times and then didn't the next day so I initiated a text conversation. Then I somehow managed to tell him that I wanted sex that night and he made me come over and I stayed the night. We had a fantastic time watching movies and other things. He also cuddled lots in bed and it felt nice.

The problem is.. I'm not sure about what I want from this relationship. If my attachment is purely sexual or if I am starting to like him. He has not bothered to text me after that night which was strange but I texted him after a couple of days and he texted back.

Is he still interested or should I just move on?