Ive been dating someone for over 2 months. We practically live together. He won't refer to me as his girlfriend, even though his kids do.When I asked him about this he and asked him if I was nothing to him he said that wasn't true. But he won't label me or our relationship. We did agree not to date anyone else, so I'm hoping there is no one else. He's always with me, so I don't believe that's the case. Should I worry too much about labeling our relationship or is this a sign of him being commitment phobic? Second, last night while discussing Valentines day he said he doesn't believe in obligatory holidays and doesn't participate in them. He doesn't buy the person he's with Valentines day gifts, birthday, Christmas. etc. He said he doesn't believe he should have to and even though its not popular he stands by his feelings. Im not sure if he is selfish, self centered or just independent. I love his kids and mine love him. Im not sure if I'm wasting my time in this relationship. I told him I like romance all the girly stuff and he just says OK. What is your opinion?