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    Feb 9, 2012, 02:04 PM
    Need relationship help weird breakup!
    Hello I am looking for some serious help and I need it so bad. I have been with this girl for 2 1/2 years I am 26 she is 20 years old. We known each other for almost 8-10 years prior as friends. We started dating in September of 2009 and it was off to a great start. Four months into the relationship we started living with each other everything was greatwe did everything together enjoyed each others time and had a bunch of mutual friends. December of 2010 I asked her to marry be and she said yes. I bought a home and we started to do a remodel on it and made preparations on the marriage. On December 30, 2011 she came home crying and said she needed a break and packed her essential stuff and left. I asked for reasons and she could not give me any. She is not talking to her friends much since this has happened and it is turning into 6 weeks. I found out she was seeing a guy from her work the week we split up and then found out he dumped her a few weeks later. I have not communicated with her since the breakup and neither has she tried to communicate with me. I found out I was single via Facebook when the break became official. I got one text message that to some it up said she was sorry the way she handled everything, it is not another guy, she felt smothered and overwealmed. She deleted all my pictures off her Facebook and has not started to party every weekend. I know she has been sleeping around. She told one of her friends "i guess if I find out I made a mistake I will just have to live with it". Guys what should I do? I am heartbroken and I treated her great no issues at all. I have been doing no contact and do think I should be the one to break the ice since she initiated the breakup and also if I call she may think that I am still wrapped around her finger and she can have me back when she wants me. Please Help! Thanks
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    Feb 9, 2012, 02:16 PM
    So she left you to be with this other guy... after all you guys had been through and planned... that really sucks.

    Best thing for you to do is just write her off and move on. It sounds hard and it is but in the long run, you will be so much better off. You gave her all you had, she took advantage of it, and now where are you? If you got back with her, it's highly likely that this would happen again at some point.

    Stay no contact, go out and do things with friends. Eventually you will meet someone who will be thankful for all you have and are willing to give.

    Good luck.
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    Feb 9, 2012, 05:11 PM
    Leave her alone. She was awfully young when you started dating and then went right in to living together and setting up a household, she may have not been ready for all of that.
    Respect her wishes and leave her alone.
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    Feb 10, 2012, 07:59 AM
    Yeah hardest thing I have is just not having any closure and it coming out of the blue. I find myself just hoping she will see the light and have trouble knowing she is going "wild" now parties etc. when she never did that type of thing before. I know I should be mad but I feel sorry for myself
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    Feb 10, 2012, 08:07 AM
    It's a tough thing to go through but you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on. It's the only way to get through this.
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    Feb 10, 2012, 09:29 AM
    Yeah I am doing that but my last relationship I was in turned out she got wild then realized she wanted me back not saying this will be the same
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    Feb 10, 2012, 09:42 AM
    But this is where you have to decide... wild is one thing but this girl dumped you to mess around with someone else. Can you really deal with that? Then if she does come back to you, it will be in the back of your mind and will eat at you and you will be wondering if it will happen again. Trust me on that.

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