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    Questions to ask a girl through Facebook

    Asked Jul 16, 2009, 03:51 PM 8 Answers
    Well last week I meet a girl in Finland we talk to each other the whole week then on Friday the last party for the trip me and her had a great time (bumping and griding on the dance floor).Soon found out at the party her boyfriend called her she told me don't worry so we went back to dancing. After the party we exchange information then I left the next day heading back to U.S.A. The next day me and her talk through Facebook but I don't know what else to talk about to her to get her interested in dumping her boyfriend for me. ( I NEED A GIRLS OPINION ON THIS)

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    8 Answers
    N0help4u's Avatar
    N0help4u Posts: 19,825, Reputation: 2035
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    Jul 16, 2009, 04:05 PM

    You ask her why she would bother with you when she has a boyfriend.
    Then you seriously consider the fact that she is a player and will continue to be a player if she does ditch him for you.
    You seriously consider that when she is ready to dump you she may just get on Facebook, find somebody else and inform you way later in the relationship.
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    DrJ's Avatar
    DrJ Posts: 1,328, Reputation: 339
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    Jul 16, 2009, 04:06 PM

    I know you are looking for a girl's opinion right now but let me just throw this out there...

    You won't find some magic formula for this... but take these golden words to heart: If you want a girl to be INTERESTED... you have to be INTERESTING. And if you want to be INTERESTED... you have to be INTERESTED!

    If you didn't quite catch that, allow me to explain.

    Girls (and people in general) are interested in people that are interesting. One of the most interesting factors of other people is when they are interested in you.

    Funny how it works that way.

    But in short, be interested in her, what she does, her values, her life. Don't try to boast about yourself in an attempt to make her leave her boyfriend for you.
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    Torrid13's Avatar
    Torrid13 Posts: 637, Reputation: 149
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    Jul 16, 2009, 08:55 PM

    It's a little disconcerting that you're not at all bothered by the fact that she has a boyfriend and you were grinding with her on the dance floor.

    Do people have no shame anymore? I mean really.

    Here's a question you should ask her: Since when did she decide it was okay and fair to her boyfriend to grind and get hot with someone else? Honestly.

    And d00d, you're going to have to own up to the fact that 1.) You're a jerk for seriously trying to take another man's woman & 2.) You're in AMERICA. She's in FINLAND. You met for a WEEK. I'm not saying long distance relationships like that can't work, but your relationship with her isn't going to go any further than the bumping and grinding.

    Hope you enjoy the flashback, because that all you've really got from that.
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    I wish's Avatar
    I wish Posts: 5,292, Reputation: 2029
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    Jul 17, 2009, 06:11 AM

    Thinks to strongly consider, in this particular order.

    1) She has a boyfriend so she's automatically off-limits.

    2) Why would you make her dump her boyfriend? So that when you get her, she can dump you for another guy as well?

    3) She basically cheated on her boyfriend, so how will you be able to trust her anyway?

    4) She could lie that she dumped her boyfriend and have you as her second boyfriend. But from the looks of things, you could actually be her third or fourth boyfriend "at the same time".

    5) You met on the dance floor and got her information so easily. So she probably does this with a different guy every time she goes back to the dance floor and when he so called boyfriend isn't around.

    6) Long distance? Findland is a little far wouldn't you say? When are you going back?
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    slapshot_oi's Avatar
    slapshot_oi Posts: 1,537, Reputation: 589
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    Jul 17, 2009, 10:22 AM
    Well I think you may have forgotten that...
    Quote Originally Posted by quincyd12 View Post
    ... I meet a girl in finland ... I left the next day heading back to U.S.A.
    There are long-distance relationships and then there's just crazy-talk.

    I knew a kid who did something very similar to you, except he met the girl here. She was an exchange student from Norway, they met, hit it off and dated for a couple months and after she left he decided he just had to see her. I heard stories where he wouldn't even eat just so he could save money to buy a plane ticket. He's made the trip multiple times.

    She cheated on him a bunch of times with a bunch of different guys, but I guess now their back together. This whole thing has been going on for about four years.

    Distance allows you to get away with murder, just something to think about.
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    talaniman's Avatar
    talaniman Posts: 53,322, Reputation: 10829

    Jul 17, 2009, 10:41 AM
    Young guy, she doesn't have to dump her boyfriend for you, as you'll never know what she is doing. She can tell you anything she wants, and do whatever she wants, and be your long distance g/f.

    The really silly part is, you falling for someone you have known a week, and grinded on once, and you think she loves you or something enough to stop whatever she is doing, to be in an exclusive long distance relationship with you.

    That's not real, no matter how you feel. Get your own girl, who lives in your world.
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    Twink24's Avatar
    Twink24 Posts: 45, Reputation: -2
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    Jul 20, 2009, 01:40 AM

    Internet dating is basically a waste of time.
    Yah sure you were 'bumping and grinding'
    do you really think because of one random night bumping and grinding with some foreign guy she is going to decide that you were the better choice and that she will just quit her life just for you?
    Internet dating is not reality. It is all fake. She could lie to you and you would not be able to do anything but believe her because how are you really going to prove her wrong when she's all the way in Finland.
    I suggest just pressing the remove friend button on Facebook and continue on with your life, doing this will take you no where.
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    DrJ's Avatar
    DrJ Posts: 1,328, Reputation: 339
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    Jul 20, 2009, 09:43 AM

    Well, dating via the internet is a waste of time. But internet dating (as in ACTUALLY dating people face-to-face that you meet via the internet) is my preferred method.

    It surely beats the alternatives.

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