I have spent years waiting for people to ask me out. It finally happens about 3 months ago, and I actually like the guy so it goes somewhere. However, he recently broke up with me because apparently he misses the single life. I'm quite shy when it comes to being forward and introducing myself. I can't ever bring myself to ask out or chat up a guy. Im really fussy as well so it takes me ages to find anyone I'm interested in. Most of my friends are in relationships and therefore so not want to go out as much as they used to. I don't want to do the typical meet a guy in a club anyway, cause you usually don't like the look of the person next time you see them. Can't meet anyone at work as its 99.9% women. I go to the gym, but there's no potential there. I guess just to be more on the look out? I wasn't really bothered before and didn't take much interest in finding anyone. Now that I've experienced the affection and the attention and now that its gone I just want to replace it. I don't want to do the whole internet dating thing. I just meet someone casually and get to know them. I just don't have the patients to wait around anymore.