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    I Love This Girl But What Should I Do?

    Asked Sep 15, 2007, 02:56 AM 1 Answer
    Hello I hope someone out there can help me figure this girl out. I met her online, she's a singer in Reno and I live in Palm Springs, Ca. I record music and asked her to record one of my songs. She said yes. So after about 2 weeks I called her and she said we would have to figure out how to get together since we live 500 miles away from each other. Then a week later she calls me and says she needs a place to stay, she wanted to move to Palm Springs but she had no job, no car and no home in Reno. I said my place is too small for another person to stay with me. She said even if you have a couch, even though we don't know each other. I still said I can't help you. So she said I'll ask the bartender and then I guess she was seeing him. But in the next 2 months time she wanted me to pay for her to fly down to Palm Springs for the weekend cause she still was'nt working in Reno. So I decided to drive up to Reno and see what was up with this girl. I went to her 2 kareoke shows and we got along great but something happened. We had a great lunch date and then the music turned into love cause when I took her back to her friends place she kissed me. The previous night she was hanging onto me all nght. So I was in a hotel room all alone and let her do her own thing. I was there sat and left mon. She knew I was leaving. But still on sat she said she only had a week and then she would be homeless. I wonder if I should have just asked her to come back with me cause now she said she's back together with her loser boyfriend and she's still without a job. I even gave her $100 while I was there to help her out through the week. When I got home she turned cold on me. Like I deserted her. But I did'nt cause I needed time to think about it. Then when I said to her I would like her to stay with me until she got back on her feet she said she wanted 2 days to think about it. She resented that. And now she is posting bad rapping blogs about me on my website. I told her because her boyfriend calls me and says not to call her anymore or he'll call the police and then I say to her, tell your boyfriend to send me the money back I gave to you and she says it's my loss. My question here is Did I Really Lose Her? I miss her terribly but I made it clear to her that she just could'nt stay with me and look out the window. What do you think cause I do love her.

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    1 Answer
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    Sep 15, 2007, 05:21 AM
    I think you fell for a loser, and are running into a brick wall ,thinking you love someone you don't know at all. You are her hustle and she has a game for you. As exciting as she may be, she has no feelings for you, so stop being a mark, and see what's real, and stay away from her world, as you are not in her league.

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