Ok, I met this guy, my age, on a writers website and we began talking like two days after I got on the site. We had a constant back and forth for quite a while, say about three weeks, then we switched to texting. Now we text almost every day, sometimes he doesn't respond, but I'm not going to hate on him for that, people have lives. I usually text him first, and usually it's something funny and sweet. He puts smiles,! and?? When either happy, asking a question or happy and asking a question lol. Whenever I say that I'm thinking about something, he always wants to know. In my mind if he wasn't interested at all, he wouldn't ask because he wouldn't care, but he could just be that nice. It's been over a month and we're still talking. We've talked so far once on the phone and while we talked we played World of Warcraft together. We have shared deep information to each other, and I mean I find that if you really like someone that you'd share that, but that's just me. I really like him, a lot. He's all I can think about at times, he makes my heart and pulse go faster. My cat has the same name as him and I say my cats name all the time just to hear myself say his name. That was odd and silly. I would love some help on how to tell if he does like me!! =]]