I have liked this guy for about a year now. Well he did like me at first and then he just started playing games with my mind. I work with this guy as well and he went on loa because he had some issues. Well he came back after a couple months later and he started texting me and he was totally flirting and said he liked me. Well then we hung out a few times and he would just stop talking to me. Well couple days ago I told him that I still like him and I don't know if you still feel the same way but that's how I feel. Well he never answered. But at work he was totally flirting with me and we hung out again last night because there was a party and we both went. Well he brought me and my friend home and he got out of his car and we hugged and he gave me a kiss. I don't know if he is just playing games or if he does really like me. It hurts me and I can feel my heart actually hurting. I just feel like crying. I just want some advice on how to deal with this and if you guys think he does like me.