Ok so I really like this girl and she has a boyfriend they have been together for 3 years we have been friends for about 4 months I never liked her until about a month ago we stated talking more but I didn't tell her my feelings because she had a boyfriend and didn't want to ruin that for her. She then started flirting with me more but nothing serious we joked around about how cute the kids would be if we had some but that was just joking around. She then broke up with her boyfriend she had complained about him a lot but he is a nice guy and I had told her that prior to them breaking up. We then hung out and ended up sleeping together then two days later he convinced her that he would change and to give him one more chance so she got back together with him, this was the first time they had broken up in 3 years so it wasn't a on then off type of relationship. For the couple days that we were intimate she kept saying how right it felt being with me. So after they got back together she still is hanging out with me all the time and kissing me and doing everything but sex but she is still always talking about wanting to have sex but something always happens so we don't and even though we haven't slept together again because her boyfriend is now keeping a very short leash on her we are cuddleing and doing what a boyfriend and girlfriend would be doing, but when she has to leave to go back to her boyfriend she hessitates and procrastinates and says how much she just wants to stay with me and once again saying how right it feels to be with me but that she knows its wrong because she does have a boyfriend. I just don't know what to do I have now started to like her even more, I am being reserved so I don't get as badly hurt either and I don't want her boyfriend to find out because I don't want him to be hurt because of what's happening either because he is a nice guy. I just don't know what to do but I have to do something because he is starting to get quite suspecious because she is always over at my house. Help please:confused: I just want her to be happy no matter the outcome. I just can't keep going like this.