Hey all,

I'll try to be brief. So this girl I'm dating, she 19 next month and I'm 18 and she lives with her ex-bf. I believe they broke up early this month; but the thing is that she had a child with him. (teen pregnancy) she had the baby 2 months ago. She asked me today if I'd like to get a apartment with her since she can't do it alone, and leave her ex-bf at the old place to take on the lease. Like they broke up this month, and they still drive around and go for dinner and such like they're really close or still together and she told me she was single because she lost all love for him and would rather be friends. Like I met her online and we usually text lots; we've only been on 1 date.

Is it just me or is this weird? Am I in line to be her 'sugar daddy' or a 'step-dad'? Could they be living together just because of the baby? Could they still be kind of together and probably still 'intimate'? Am I being played? Sorry for all the questions lol.

I'm not some clueless idiot here and I think I know what's happening. Could somebody try and explain this to me? I'm confused...