Christmas has just passed and I am really hurt and disappointed in my boyfriend. We've been dating for 2 years. He lost 30 lbs and said he wanted new clothes for Christmas. I gave him sweaters, casual shirts, t-shirts, shoes and socks. One of the pairs of shoes were given to him by my sons. My boyfriend had asked me what I wanted for Christmas, so I gave him some suggestions of things I needed, athletic shoes, a purse, boots, jewelry box, and a sewing machine. I certainly didn't expect him to get me all items. He spent Christmas Eve with my sons and me. He bought my younger son spiderman toys (which he loves) and my older son dvds. They were both thrilled with his gifts. My boyfriend opened his gifts from us and was really happy. Then he handed me two presents and said he wanted me to open my other gifts at his parents' house the next day. He gave me stuffed dogs (a boxer and dachshund which I own) and I thought they were cute and thanked him. The next day at his parents', he hands me an unwrapped, open TIVO box. It was an extra TIVO that he has had for more than two years. I was really disappointed and embarrassed because his entire family knew he had it lying around. I am not a gold digger, and am proud of being an independent woman. However, it really disturbs and hurts me that he put very little effort and thought into my presents. I spent around $400 on his presents and I know the two stuffed toys he gave me could not have cost more than $60. My last birthday (which is new years day) he didn't even so much as give me a card. I didn't receive anything for Valentine's either. I am sure he heard the disappointment in my voice and "surprised" me later by arriving at my door with a flower pot he had just purchased from Walmart.

When we go out, he usually pays for me. I have picked up the check or paid for the movie tix too. I have noticed times when he ignored the bill at a restaurant. The first time we went out to breakfast with my dad, he did not even offer to pay for part of the bilL. When we've gone out with my friends, he acts like he doesn't see the bill and doesn't offer to pay any part of it... so I do and they have noticed. We've started doing things with my sons... but he never offers to pay. He'll suggest movies and I end up paying. We went to a winter carnival recently, I paid for food and rides. He didn't even offer my kids a candy apple or popcorn. He is a good person, but his cheapness/greediness is starting to get on my last nerve. He works for a good company, with a good salary, lives rent free in his parents' home, has no children therefore no child support, no car payment. He eats out every night. He has much more spending money than I, so I can't understand his behaviour. My birthday is coming up in a few days... and I expect to get nothing again. Any ideas?