My boyfriend goes out every Friday its really frustrating because he turns his phone of because his friends tell him too because they don't like me so I don't hear from him till the next day so I don't know what he's doing in town he's pretty flirtatious so its allways running through my mind and always has girls tryna contact him but he doesn't reply. When ever I confront him and say I don't like him going out every weekend he says I promise ill never do it again and then comes the weekend and he's out again. Its driving me crazy. Plus he's a angry sort of person so pretty much when ever I say you do you actually love me he gets angry. And everyone tells me to leave him and I end up dumping him but he apologises and I go running back I think he does what he likes because he knows ill always come back to him. I don't really want to leave him I love him too much I just want him to change. He was so caring and the start and wanted to doo everything with me now its like hed rather spend most of his time with his friends. I need some advice?