I met a guy online about four months ago. We've gone from "seeing" each other, to "dating", and then "boyfriend/girlfriend" status. We both agreed that we were probably moving too fast, and decided to slow things down. I told him that I would go at whatever pace he was comfortable with - he sets the pace, I will follow. One month into our relationship, he invites me to spend Christmas at his parents' place. I was fine with it, but felt it was sort of strange seeing as how he wanted to "slow things down". A little after that, he told me he was thinking about me possible moving in with him. (We live 90 minutes apart - I visit him every week on my days off.) I told him that I would need some time to think about it, as I don't think I'm ready for that. I weighed the pros and cons of moving in with him, and decided that if he's ready for that, then I could be too - we get along so well. I was at his place the other day, and told him OK - I'll move in with him, but not for a few months. I asked him if he was ready for this - he said he thinks so. When I got home, I had an email from him saying that it probably wasn't a good idea and that we need to slow things down - and space our visits out more. I know he's not seeing anybody else, so I'm not afraid of that. (I trust him to tell me if he was.) He has not had a girlfriend or dated anyone in a very long time - not that he couldn't find anyone, he just didn't have the desire to because he was focusing on his profession at the time. So I feel extremely honored that he's chosen me to spend his time with. My issue is this - I have started to fall for him, and I feel stronger for him than he feels for me. I need to give him space, I know. How do I know how much space to give him? I try not to text/email him unless he texts/emails me first. I'm afraid I'll give him too much space, and he'll not want to see me anymore because we don't see enough of each other. Then I'm afraid of not giving him enough space, and either smothering him or annoying him right out of my life. I'm so confused, and I'm torturing myself so bad. My head is spinning and my heart won't dislodge from my throat. How do I give him space without torturing myself? He says that if we're meant to be in this long term - we need a solid base. What do I need to do for that? (Thank goodness for Excedrine - chocolate seems to be helping a little too!)