Well I met this girl last week and since that day we have hug out 3 times together and have talked every day since. She is a friend of a friend and I know of her but now just getting to know her on a personal level. Hanging out is great and I have started to really like her. She has told me that she thinks I am a really nice guy and she likes that cause the guys she has went out with have treated her like crap and I am the first one that isn't like that. She is not looking for anything relationship wise right now and wants to take it slow with me and see what happens. I just got out of a relationship a year ago and haven't been with anyone since that time and it ended cause she didn't see me and the one she wanted to be with anymore and wished that I was more ASSERTIVE. I always come across as the "NICE GUY" and women like that but even I can notice that I am treating this new girl the same way.

The first night we hung out we watched a movie and we sat there and I acted shy around her. She is not shy at all and I feel I am being and acting like someone that she is going to not be so interested in later on. I leaned over and kissed her and we made out for several hours. The next night we watched another movie but she wanted to make out again so we did. Last night she came over again but this time it was different. We went to her friends house and the awkwardness set in. she thought I looked bored and thought I was mad at her. We then left and went back to my house and made out a little and then we ended up sleeping together but it was a huge mess to say the least. She kept asking me what was wrong and even though there was nothing and it killed the entire time together. She told me that we aren't dating, she just wants to take it slow right now but that's weird seeing as we slept together already. When I took her home she thought the night was really weird and I just kept on say sorry to her and she thinks she made things weird with us even though I feel like I am one doing it to her. She then went on and said well call me if you ever want to hang out again I guess and then just left making me think that she is losing interest in me cause I am not what she wishes that I am.

I really like her and told her that but I feel like I am being someone that she is not going to like later on and it will ruin my chances in being with her. I come off as really shy and even though its been a year since my last relationship I still seem to have those traits that screwed up it up with this new girl. I want to take it slow with this new one but I tend to be kind of a pushover. She is not shy at all and even though people tell me not to be shy around her I come across like that cause that's who I am. She has even told that she there is nothing wrong with being shy and she wants me to be myself but I want to be someone that she can fall for and being this way I don't believe its going to happen. What can I do to change this... any help would be greatly appreciated.