Hello. I have been dating a man for 3.5 years. I cannot see any real inventment this man is willing to make in our relationship other than he does spend time with me. I recently lost all my child support so I am very strapped financially. I asked if he would like to move into my home with me so we can share expenses, he said he would not feel comfortable doing that at this time. He has never offered to help me out in anyway even though 4 nights out of the week he does stay at my house. He also was married before as well. Although he has laid down the law with me as far as being able to see any other men he says it is OK that he has a "friendly relationship" with his ex. He stops over there every Saturday stating that he goes to see the cat. Although he expects me to abide by his wishes that I see no other men he is unwilling to listen when I say I feel uncomfortable with his ties to his ex. I feel he is controlling me but has no right to. I am getting to the point that I think this is an unhealthy relationship for me but I have invested much and he does mean very much to me. Should I hang in there or should I listen to myself?