I met this guy in college. It was my last semester, and he still has 2 years to go. We've been friends for that whole semester. We're both funny and friendly but reserved, so he was the only one I really became friend from that class, and so was I to him.

I was attracted to him, but I was trying to make sure my feelings don't get to deep, because I was planning on going to grad school in another country. Then in May, right before school ended, we worked on a project together and he wanted to visit my place really late at night. Around that time, I started to feel that he has feelings for me too, because he would lean on me and would whisper to my ears and stuff.. He wouldn't do that to anybody, I know that for sure.

Anyway, while he stayed at my place that night, I confessed that I liked him, and he put his arm around me and then we were laying on my bed. I stopped him, because I felt like he misunderstood my intention. I wasn't trying to sleep with him, I just wanted to tell him my feelings and wanted to find out about his feeling.

When I asked him about his feelings, he said that he doesn't know and my feelings were surprise to him. Then he said he's not ready for a serious relationship and he doesn't want to use my feelings to just have fun for 5 days since I'll be gone farway to study after graduation. He basically rejected me and when I asked him if we could stay as friends, he said he can't. He said that he doesn't believe in friendship between girl&guy.

Several days later I texted him really casually, just saying how are you and he did reply. I tried to talk to him in person by asking him to see me then he said that's not a good idea...

He went back to his country for summer, and while he was there I tried to friend request him on fb and stuff, but he just ignored me. Now he's back in US. And it happened that I'm not going to study overseas, rather I'll be starting next year at the college we went together..

Its been almost 4 months since I talk to him, and I see he's online everyday.. Is it OK for me to say "hi how you've been?" that kind of stuff? Or would it push him away? He probably doesn't even know that I'm still here.. I really want this guy, but I don't know if he's completely over with me or I still have chance..

I know this is really long, but wish someone could advise me. Thank you